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As the broker wrote, it allows you to invest through a world-class trading platform. It should be noted that, according to him, it is very easy to use, which is a huge advantage for beginners. As another advantage, he cites the rapid exchange of orders. The broker claims that it is constantly working on the increasingly better affordability of its services, wanting to ensure the satisfaction of its clients.

Broker Information

Licenses and certificates held

According to the broker, he has the necessary licenses, such as, for example, the KNF license. It also has cross-border licensing.

XTB – fees and commissions

The broker's website states that it allows you to invest in shares of companies from around the world while charging attractive fees to the client.

Minimum deposit

On the Internet, it is written that when opening an account with a broker, you can deposit the amount of your choice for investments. This is good information especially for beginners.

XTB – demo account

The broker has announced that it provides a demo account and that it encourages you to try it.

Opinions about XTB on forums and blogs

According to the voices found on the Internet, the broker is a professional financial institution. A group of enthusiasts claim that his support provided to the client is really worthy of imitation. Many commentators consider the broker to be a proven and well-established brand. Despite this, some reviews may indicate that other brokers may have a better offer. According to our editorial office, it is not known whether such a claim is true, so we can assess the broker.

Broker headquarters


Can I change the leverage?

According to the broker, you cannot manually change the leverage on the real account, as it depends on the investment market, as well as the amount of the deposit in the account.

Can I change the spread?

As it is written on the broker's website, there are two types of investment accounts that have a variable spread. On the standard account, the spread is the total transaction cost, and on the PRO account, in addition to the spread, a commission should be added.

What types of leverage are offered by the broker?

On the Internet, it is written that leverage depends on the market in which investments are carried out, as well as on the amount invested. The leverage range is 1:2 – 1:200, but it does not apply to stocks and ETFs.


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